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  • Advocating for Social Justice

  • Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

  • Enhancing Educational Access

  • Promoting Financial Wellbeing

  • Facilitating Wealth Creation

  • Advancing Occupational Opportunities

  • Cultivating Positive Identity and Self- Esteem

  • Breaking the Cycle of Socioeconomic Challenges

  • Improving Residential Equality

  • Closing Achievement Gaps

  • Encouraging Economic Independence

  • Facilitating Access to Positive Resources

  • Championing Liberation from Oppression

  •  Promoting Cultural Competency & Education

  • Ensuring Children’s Well-Being, Safety, and Success

  • Supporting Individuals in Navigating Life's Challenges

The Art Renaissance Plaza is CEA's vibrant cultural hub showcasing murals, an art gallery, live music, culinary youth-led initiatives, and a café, embodying our rich cultural influence and fostering creative expression.

Arts Renaissance


The Community Organizing and Mobilizing program by CEA serves as dedicated Community First Responders, driving initiatives like Turkey and Winter Essentials Giveaways, Health Summits, Food Drives, and Disaster Relief Efforts to uplift and support the community

Community Organizing & Mobilizing 

The Youth Prevention and Intervention Program offers culturally empowering academic experiences, life skills mentoring, and a deep exploration of African and Black history to cultivate positive behavior, academic excellence, and strong self-identity among youth.

Youth Intervention

& Prevention 

The CEA Workforce Development program tackles economic barriers within our community through targeted training, partnerships with local employers, and job fairs, enabling individuals to overcome employment challenges and achieve economic empowerment, home financing,

and wealth building.

Workforce Development

The CEA Community Health & Wellness program provides culturally specific, holistic therapeutic support in natural community settings, targeting the social impact of mental, physical, social, and community health, while empowering individuals and families through non-traditional approaches to enhance overall well-being and reinvestment in the community.

Community Health & Wellness
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